At Rancho la Estación we offer you a flexible space in contact with nature with an offer of a meeting room, dining rooms, terraces and large gardens that suit all your needs; we carry out business activities such as meetings, training and integration events. We can take care of your meals and activities, as well as provide you with different dynamics or conferences suiting your needs.

Our mission is to offer a versatile space where you can carry out business events, social, cultural and school activities, as we have all the necessary material and infrastructure for them.

As part of our service, we can complement your event with musical shows and activities such as charrería, horse riding among others.

Our facilities

At Rancho la Estación we have given ourselves the task of developing spaces for each type of activity: social events, school camps, business events, team buildings, cultural events, graduations, etc. We have the necessary facilities for each of the activities that your event requires so we can ensure everyone has a wonderful time.

  • 9 acres of land

  • Gardens with capacity for 600 and 2,000 people.

  • Dining room with capacity for up to 120 people.

  • 5 family rooms for 6 people each,  with a complete bathroom.

  • Train wagon with the capacity for 18 people.

  • Train wagon with kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bedroom.

  • Train wagon equipped with a full bar and casino gaming tables.

  • Full bathrooms for ladies and gentlemen.

  • Meeting room with air conditioning and a projector for up to 80 people.

  • Open terrace with pizza oven.

  • Fountain with hot water and a waterfall.

  • Terrace for board games.

  • Terrace with a view to “La Cristiada” historic mural.

  • Horses, stables and riding tracks.

  • Sheep farm.

  • Firetruck.

  • Zipline.

  • Climbing wall.

  • Rappel.

  • Ninja warrior tracks.

  • Archery court.

  • Courts for volleyball, softball, football, among others.