Celebrate the festivities of your school at Rancho La Estación: from camps and activities for childs or sports day to prom, meetings, family gatherings and much more. Give your students the chance to learn, live and overcome their fears by throwing themselves out of the zip line, doing rappel, escalate a climbing wall, practice archery or horse riding, making a football tournament or some other sport.

Enjoy an unforgettable camp with a bonfire, treasure hunt, outdoor activities and at night, sleep on a train wagon.



Organize executive meetings in a different place, involve your teamwork in activities that create closer ties between them and help them make a general balance of their performance through dynamics and activities aimed at multidisciplinary teams, focused on strengthening the skills of teamwork and effective communication skills.

At Rancho la Estación, your company's meetings will have an optimal place for your employees to give their best.

Come and experience our business activities and dynamics and help develop your team spirit and build trust between your coworkers.


For your work team, Rancho la estación provides professional development with fun and learning.



We invite you to come and experience those special occasions that are shared with family in a unique way. From small gatherings to a reunion for hundreds of people, Rancho la estación is ready to receive you and your family to enjoy an unforgettable day.

We have two large gardens for events such as baptisms, first communions, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Besides, we offer you a fountain with hot water fot the kids to play and some skill games for the whole family to enjoy: zip line, climbing wall, rappel, rope climb, archery, horse riding and much more.

Carretera a Matehuala Km. 8.5. 

Av. Bicentenario #201

Soledad de GS, SLP

Tel: 44-41-103-604

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